Every article or guide you read on this is because one of the below members who’ve put in efforts, and tried the steps prior to publishing them here and put them in easy wordings so that you don’t have issues while following them.

The website actually started with a single author but now has a community and a team which supports the website with quality articles from all over the world.

Subham Bapna

Subham Bapna is an Internet Marketer and the Founder of Android Tutorials How. He is one among the first ones to write guides on this website. Before Founding this, he owned Droidmen and a few other news websites and still runs a few of them. He thinks that rooting is an essential thing and should be among the first steps to be performed after purchasing the smartphone even if it voids the warranty. It is only then when you get to use it to the fullest potential.

Ujjwal Kumar

Ujjwal Kumar is a Tech Geek who can’t live without a Gadget. He’s the one who handles the unlocking bootloader, flashing TWRP and rooting guides at Android Tutorials How. His exceptional experience with the OS has helped him come with guides even before the devices have launched. He has also worked on sites like Neowin, DroidExtra and currently writes on his own website ExtraTechnical.

Somnath Roy

A mix of distant human traits ranging from programming machines to writing delicate pieces of art to exploring the ruthless wonders of the world while exploring the deep spiritual self, Somnath is a writer who writes Tech and Informative articles to help people out and share his thoughts at the same time. When he is not writing articles, he is busy with his college preparations or listening to music.

Neha Chopra

Neha Chopra is a freelance content creator, She loves writing about software reviews, tools, and informative topics. Besides creating awesome content, she also works as a PRT at GD Goenka School. She owns a Google Pixel device and loves photography. When she isn’t at school or writing content, she’s busy capturing some awesome pictures.