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How to Unlock Bootloader of Sony Phones?

Sony is one of those rare mobile manufacturer company which supports unlocking of Bootloader. Although, the company doesn’t fully support to unlock your bootloader and recommends to use the default settings. However, a locked bootloader restricts many things and the user might not feel independent while using the device.

The bootloader is unlocked to try out new things on your device like custom ROMs and to check the capability of the device. If you are planning to unlock the bootloader of your Sony phone, this small tutorial might help you. Follow the below steps to unlock the bootloader of any sony device.

Step 1: Check whether your device supports unlocking or not

While almost every Sony phone supports bootloader unlocking, there are few which don’t. To check whether your Sony phone supports bootloader unlocking or not:

  • Dial *#*#7378423#*#* and tap on Service Info > Configuration > Rooting Status. If Bootloader unlock allowed option says Yes, your device is compatible for unlocking & if it says No, you can’t unlock the bootloader of your phone.

Step 2: Unlock via Kingo App (Method 1)

You can easily unlock the bootloader of your Sony phone with the use of Kingo Unlock Bootloader App.

  • Download & Install the Kingo Unlock Bootloader app on your PC.
  • Now, go to Settings on your phone. Navigate to About Phone and tap on Build Number till you see the message “You’re now a developer!”.
  • Now, you need to Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking on your phone. For doing so, go to Settings > Developer Options and tap on OEM Unlocking & USB debugging.
  • Now, you need to connect your Sony Phone to PC via USB Cable.
  • Thanks to Kingo App, all the USB drivers will be automatically downloaded & PC will easily recognize your phone.
  • Now, open the Kingo App in your PC and click on Unlock Button. This may take a while and all your data will be wiped off so we advise you to take the backup before unlocking.

  • Restart your phone and you are done. You have unlocked the Bootloader of your Sony Phone.

Alternate Method:

Step 2: Getting Unlock Code from Sony (Method 2)

An Unlock Code is needed for this method of unlocking. Everything will remain the same till Step 1. You should Enable the USB Debugging & OEM Unlocking for step as well. This will also erase the entire data including contacts, apps, photos etc from your device so you may need to back up the data before proceeding.

  • Go to Sony’s Official website and choose your device at the bottom of the page. If your phone is not listed there, you will not be able to unlock the bootloader.

  • Once you have selected the device, click on Continue. It will not ask you for your Email ID. Enter the email ID and you will get a link on that email ID.

  • Now, open the link and enter your IMEI number. Dial *#06# from your device to get IMEI number.

Step 3: Download & Install ADB, Fastboot and USB Driver.

You will need to install ADB & Fastboot on your PC for unlocking the bootloader.

Step 4: Unlocking the Bootloader

  • Boot your phone in fastboot mode by switching it off and restarting it by pressing Power and Volume Up button.
  • Connect the phone to PC via USB Cable and open Command Prompt in Windows by Shift + Right Click.
  • In Command Prompt, type the below command and press enter.
    fastboot device
  • Now type the below command and press enter. (You must use the code you got in alternate Step 2 from Sony.)
    fastboot -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0x(unlock code from sony)
  • Restart your phone and you are done.

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  1. Should I have to downgrade my kernel from Android 8.0 to Android 6.0 in Sony Xperia x dual in first method also?


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