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How to Unlock Bootloader of Lenovo Devices?

Rooting of smartphones has become important these days. We all want to try out new ROMs in our smartphones and for that, we need a rooted device. The very first basic requirement for rooting is unlocking the bootloader. You can unlock the bootloader of any Android device in few simple steps. In this guide, we will help you in unlocking the bootloader of Lenovo devices.

Lenovo came back into the smartphone market with the launch of its K series smartphones. Lenovo K3 Note and K4 Note are still in demand and doing a decent business as well. No matter which device you are using, rooting will always attract the user thanks to the multiple options that becomes available after rooting. This tutorial will enable you to unlock the bootloader of any Lenovo device so that you don’t feel restricted while using your phone.


  • Take the backup of your device as unlocking will wipe all the data present on your phone.
  • Make sure your device is at least 50% charged.
  • You have a USB cable to connect your device to PC.
  • Unlocking of Bootloader may void the warranty of the device.

Step 1: Installation of ADB & Fastboot on your PC

Android Debug Bridge or more popularly known as ADB and Fastboot plays a vital role in bootloader unlocking. Without the presence of ADB & Fastboot, you won’t be able to connect your Lenovo device to PC. ADB helps in sending the basic commands of Linux from PC to phone while Fastboot helps in flashing any type of partition on the phone.

  • Click here to download ADB & Fastboot Installer.
  • Once downloaded, run the setup and you will be greeted with a command prompt with a blue background.
  • Now, you just need to agree to all the prompts. For doing so just type Y and press Enter.
  • Once this is installed, the set up will close on its own.
  • Good thing about this ADB installer is, it automatically installs drivers for your Lenovo device too.

Step 2: Before Unlocking

Before unlocking the Bootloader, you must make your phone ready for it.

  • Go to Settings > About Phone > Build Number. Click on Build Number until you see the message “You’re now a developer!” Alternatively you can check our guide to enable developer mode on your Lenovo device.
  • Now, go back to Settings > Developer Options. Tap on OEM Unlocking and USB debugging to enable these options.
  • Enabling the OEM will ask for the Password/PIN. Enter the desired password to enable the OEM Unlocking.USB Debugging will also prompt a warning message, click OK to enable it.
  • Switch Off your phone and restart in Fastboot mode by pressing Power and Volume Up button at the same time.

Step 3: Unlocking the Bootloader

  • Connect your phone to PC via USB and open Command Prompt pressing Shift + Right Click and clicking on “Open Command Window Here”.
  • Enter
    adb reboot bootloader
  • command in Command Prompt Window and Press Enter. On doing this Phone will enter to Fastboot mode.
  • Now, enter the below command
    fastboot OEM unlock

    in the command prompt and press enter. Your bootloader is unlocked now.

  • Just restart your phone normally and you are all set to enjoy the freedom of unlocked bootloader.

You may get many warning prompts while unlocking the bootloader, you just need to accept these warning signs as a manufacturer of the device doesn’t want you to play with the company defined settings. You will now be able to install TWRP recovery and root your Lenovo devices. Let us know if you are still facing any issue in unlocking the bootloader of your Lenovo device.

35 thoughts on “How to Unlock Bootloader of Lenovo Devices?”

    • It’s probably because Lenovo doesn’t want to let you unlock the bootloader of the device. For some devices, the bootloader can’t be unlocked, because the manufacturers restrict it. However, in your case, you can downgrade your device to Android Lollipop and probably try unlocking the bootloader. It should work.

      Also, if you plan to just flash the custom recovery, then try flashing it without unlocking the bootloader. If that works, it’s probably the same issue that came on the earlier Android One devices

      P.S: This is something I think, in case you end up losing your important data or end up in a problem with your device, Neither AndroidTutorialsHow nor I will be held responsible.

    • Lenovo doesn’t allow you to unlock the bootloader of some of their devices. Check if Lenovo allows unlocking the bootloader of your device. There’s not much information available, we’re contacting the company for more information on the same. Will update you once I get a response from them, till then stay tuned.

    • Hello Karon,

      Thanks for the response. It’s pretty simple.

      You just have to boot your device into fastboot mode, connect it to your PC and enter “fastboot oem lock”

      Since you’re asking for locking the bootloader, I’d assume that your device is already unlocked and you’ve installed ADB and Fastboot on your computer system. In case you’ve not unlocked the bootloader yourself, then follow this guide till step 2 and in step 3 use the lock command: fastboot oem lock


  1. I have lenovo tab 3 7″ essential and I can’t unlock boot loader but adv and fastboot work. All I want to do is change “charge-mode-off” to off. I can’t do this without unlocking boot loader. I tried looking for battery lpm file as well but it doesn’t exist so I’m stuck. Can anyone help?

  2. Hello,
    I already used this step but it didn’t work
    I typed the following commands
    Adb devices
    Adb reboot bootloader
    Fastboot devices
    Fastboot OEM unlock/fastboot flashing unlock
    Then it came “remote’unknown command'”
    Please fix this problem for me
    It means lot to me

  3. Thank you for the information but do you know how to lock it back for the Lenovo K50-T5? Because since I did a ROM change with Smart Phone Flash Tool I can’t watch my cable company live streaming on their app because it says they block “rooted phone” and I never rooted it I supposed it’s the bootloader that is unlocked. But when I try the command “fastboot OEM lock” it doesn’t recognize the command. Any solution? Or maybe a real stock ROM for my phone? By the way I am still with Android 5.0 is there any better real stock ROM from Lenovo for my phone like Android 6.0? I saw one for Lenovo K3 Note but is it the same thing as the K50-T5 phone? Thank you!

    • This should work on it, check if Lenovo allows users to unlock the bootloader. If it’s unlockable, then it should work. Also for a few versions, downgrading to the Android Lollipop (if the phone came with it) and then unlocking would allow. After Marshmallow, Lenovo has updated the devices in such a way that they can’t be unlocked. You can share the details about the OS version and I’ll check it with a few members and let you know if it works.

  4. How can any software unlock a bootloader if the bootloader is not visible. On my Lenovo tablet, both adb and fastboot show ‘Device Not Found’.



    • In case you are able to run adb or fastboot commands on your system, but they say “device not found” then there’s a good chance that they aren’t able to communicate with your device. I’d suggest you to install device drivers for your device and use the commands again. There’s also a possibility that the ADB and Fastboot itself were not installed properly on your system.

      Here is a guide you can follow to install:

      If you are running fastboot commands when the device is not in fastboot mode or running ADB commands when the device is in fastboot mode, then there’s a good possibility that they might not work. Read my post about Fastboot to understand why fastboot commands don’t work when the Android system is booted.

  5. HI Subham,

    i’ve tried doing it on my lenovo vibe p1, i’ve installed all the necessary tools fastboot, adb, abootimg.

    Then i did the command fasboot oem unlock-go , and it says waiting for device?

    what does it mean?

  6. in lenovo z6 pro I’ve unlocked bootloader but phone just show Lenovo sign and nothing happen i left phone for whole night and nothing. I’ve tried again and phone is won’t start.

  7. I was unlocking the bootloader of my K5 Note and it failed, but then I contacted Lenovo and was brought into notice that Lenovo doesn’t allow users to unlock that device. Is there someway to root a device which is not unlock able or manufacturers don’t allow to unlock?

  8. Hello! I’m having problems with the last step. I am very new to this so I don’t know how fastboot mode works. On my phone I see a black screen and on the bottom right it says
    =>FASTBOOT mode…
    This happened after I typed the command “adb reboot bootloader”
    I then typed “fastboot OEM unlock” and below this appeared a line that says

    Neither my phone’s screen nor the command line have changed for several minutes and I’m not sure what to do.
    Can anyone help with this?

  9. Thanks for the update. Ok, I have a Lenovo A328 and I’m switching but this phone has been a pain in the a$$ to use since ages. You can’t move apps to SD so I wanted to get into this install you won ROM business. I’m not a big phone user, and only do it because I have to, so I don’t need any fancy features. However, there’s an issue where there’s no “OEM unlock” feature in Developer options, while there is a USB debug feature, which can be enabled. I’ve read some posts about how you can make the “OEM unlock” feature . I’m running Android Kit Kat.

  10. This is no longer an effective method, since lenovo bootloader is locked and will not comply with the command given. (Learned it the hard way – bought a z6 pro myself and need it flashed)
    Now one has to go to to get a personal bootloader unlock using imei1, serial number and email.
    You will still need software mentioned above, though.

    Zui website is in chinese, so would suggest you using chrome browser to get the website translate (if option does not appear automatically, right click in empty space on the website and select translate)
    Read the instructions under the empty fields on how to use the unlock .img file.
    Please note: you will have to had the phone with sim card connected to any network for at least 6 hours for the website to acknowledge the imei. When you connect to cellular network, your imei is taken and checked against databases to see if it’s not stolen or anything else like that. If it’s a new phone, manufacturer registers that imei in their database as active. As in sold, turned on and etc. Only then the site will accept that imei as a legitimate one and give you the unlock .img file

    Quick way to check imei is typing in your dialpad *#06#
    Quick way to check serial number, type ####2222#

    And remember: unlocking your bootloqder will void the manufacturer’s warranty!!!

    Best of luck, every1!


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