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OneClickRoot Review: Everything You Should Know About it

Android Rooting opens those horizons of our Android device that have never been explored by us. So, rooting is obviously beneficial for us. There are many ways to root a device, some of them are complex and some of them are easy. One of the easiest ways is using software like OneClickRoot. But the question is why to use it as a source to root our device.

OneClickRoot is a rooting source easily available online, which helps you root all your android devices. Unlike other rooting sources which claim to work with just a click, OneClickRoot is a rooting source which actually does its job in just one click and without any hefty step by step process. The best thing about using it is, you don’t need to be an expert at rooting, you can just pay them and schedule a remote session and let them do the process. For now, Let’s begin with the review to know if it’s worth being used or not.

OneClickRoot Review
OneClickRoot Review

Benefits of Using OneClickRoot

OneClickRoot supports all Android devices ranging from android 2.2x to the latest versions including Android Pie. For best support in rooting you can also stay connected with the OneClickRoot support over a secure TeamViewer session (PAID) for further assistance. We can also ask for their technical support over TeamViewer to remotely root our device which to me seems like one of the most beneficial features of using this app to root our device. The other benefits of using one click include:

  • Easy and hassle-free rooting.
  • Remote rooting facility is available over a secure team viewer session.
  • It also keeps updating latest tech news available on its website.
  • This app actually works in a single click and is user friendly.
  • It is not a paid app and yet provides satisfactory customer support.
  • You can instantly unroot your device if unsure of the capabilities, this by far seems the best feature.
  • This source of rooting also makes sure that under any circumstance your device does not damage your phone or lead to its bricking.
  • The whole process takes only about 2-5 minutes to complete and helps you achieve a free device.
Live support for rooting
Live support for rooting (Not Free)

How to Download OneClickRoot, Is it free?

Apart from these it is also worth noting that this source of downloading is available online. One of the users at XDA developers have also provided the installation guide for rooting your device using this app and has also stated that this app is malware free and any such issue if depicted by your device are a defect in your windows and not the source of rooting. OneClickRoot is free and thus so many benefits from a free source make it worth a try. However, if you’re looking forward to get the Live help, it might cost you.

To download and install this source for rooting your device you can follow these simple steps:

  • Download it from its website and at the end of the download it might show malware but download it anyway as it is a safe source and has no malware what so ever.
  • Extract the folder for One Click Root and put it on the desktop.
  • After saving it open the extracted folder and follow the steps and finally install the source.
  • After installation is complete paste the serial number mentioned in the folder at OneClickRoot.exe .
  • Now for the final step, Connect the device you wish to root in the USB debugging mode and click on Root. To turn on USB Debugging on your smartphone, you’ll need to enable the developer options and then navigate to Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging and turn it on.

Your device will finally be rooted and now you are free to Access more apps, install custom ROM’s, Access blocked features, Faster performance, Free Wi-Fi tethering, preserve its battery life and enjoy hundreds of hidden features of your device.

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OneClickRoot APK: How to Download?

Steps to Install the OneClickRoot APK

Back in time you needed to have a computer system to root your device, but with the OneClickRoot APK you can just install it on your mobile device and root your device in a single click. However, for security reasons the Android operating system doesn’t allow you to install an app from an unknown source (via APK) so you’ll have to Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources > Check on it to install the app.

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OneClickRoot Vs SuperOneClick Root

Just like one click root another rooting source SuperOneClick claims to be as efficient and as effective as the one in consideration. Both have a similar process of rooting but unlike OneClickRoot, the SuperOneClick root follows a tedious process of rooting which far from being a one click solution. A lot of issues of freezing have come up in the usage of SuperOneClick thus, this app seems to be more of a hassle in comparison to the use of OneclickRoot.

Is OneClickRoot safe to use?

The safety of all rooting apps is always in questions as while rooting, a whole access of your devices is given to the source rooting the device which makes them capable of using/accessing your device to the fullest even without your consent. Thus, before using any source we should always scan it for any virus or other malwares. Though many reddit threads discuss the authenticity and safety of using this app and a user does state that this app is very safe to use on any of our devices and does not create any issues of any sort.

Alternatives to OneClickRoot

Now, it’s also worth noticing that OneClickRoot app is not the only app available for rooting but, XDA developers have chalked out 5 best rooting apps for 2018 and yes let me put it to your notice that OneClickRoot is a part of this list. There are other alternative options easily available online for the same purpose. Some of the famous alternatives and the other 4 from the list of top five rooting options are:

  • CF-Auto Root
  • Framaroot
  • Kingroot (Should you use it?)
  • Kingoroot and
  • Root Master

It’s not just us who have considered OneClickRoot as a legitimate service, but even popular forums such as XDA-Developers ranked this source in the top 5 it must be one of the best Rooting sources available to us. In our opinion, this is the best available source as the in-depth study and from a UI point of view if I have to choose a source to root my device then it will OneClickRoot.

We would conclude by putting forth that OneClickRoot is the easiest and for sure hassle-free source to root your device. Their remote rooting methodology, in my opinion, makes it a top source for seeking a risk-free rooting option. Even though Rooting can sometimes be dangerous but as per the claims made by OneClickRoot, it has an instant unroot button as well which saves your device from being damaged or bricking. Thus, OneClickRoot is almost like a damage free option to Root your device and in my opinion, this feature makes OneClickRoot the best available source to enter the vast horizons of your rooted device.

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Do let us know in the comment section below your experience of rooting with this source or any questions on the same that we can address to help you chose the rooting app you need.

Disclaimer: This review has affiliate links and we’ll earn a small commission if you purchase the “Remote session” from their website. However, the reason for writing this post is to educate people about the service and helping them know if it is worth it. The views and the article is completely unbiased and is based on facts and research.

13 thoughts on “OneClickRoot Review: Everything You Should Know About it”

  1. WOW. Just paid them for rooting my device and the experience has been great! ❤️
    If it wasn’t for this review, wouldn’t have paid them!

    • Hey Alyssa, Glad that you went to them through our review, do let us know any other tool or software related to rooting, unlocking or flashing to be reviewed by our team, We’d be glad to that for you!

  2. This tool works great on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I paid the chat support to actually root my device and they did it pretty well, I really appreciate this review, as this was the source through which I got to know about them. Great job guys.

    • I’m glad that you liked it, I hope our review helped you make a valuable decision. I also hope that it was worth the amount you spent, Do get in touch with us and let us know about your experience with the tool and it’ll help others make a decision!

  3. Neha, Is it worth paying them or should I stick with the manual rooting process?

    You people write wonderful tutorials, I can easily follow them and get started with the process, wouldn’t that be better than paying them? Because even after paying them, I’d still be doing the work.

    Although, there’s a good chance that I might end up bricking the device if I did it manually, but do you still think it’s worth paying them?

    • Hi Lew,

      Someone who has experience with rooting, flashing or modding an Android device shouldn’t actually pay them for getting the device rooted. However, if you’re someone who’s new to it and have some extra bucks which you can spend on the process then go for it.

      While you can always learn to manually root the device, but what good in doing it if you end up spending an hour doing it manually. I said one hour because a majority of people are worth $20-25/hr for their professional work. You can work for 30 extra minutes as you’ll be saving 20-30 minutes with their support!

      So if you can make much more than what you’ll be spending for this process and have no interest in learning about Android rooting then consider paying them and spending half the time on the process and continue work for the remaining time.

    • Freeman,

      Sorry for the late response, I’ve been very busy with life and YES, it does wipe up all your data. However, when on chat support, you can ask them and get it resolved by asking them to take a backup. Meanwhile, I’m getting worked up and would soon come up with a tutorial on taking a backup of your Android device.

  4. Their app no more functions with latest devices. I tried rooting my Samsung Galaxy S10 using it and it failed multiple times. I later contacted their support and used their paid service and trust me within 50 minutes they rooted my device and the technician also helped me with a few after root apps. Subham, you seem to be a knowledgeable source when it comes to rooting, I’d appreciate if you share a few apps I can install on a rooted device.

    • Michael,

      Back then Android OS wasn’t this smart. You could just install an app like this or kingroot and it would get your device rooted. With the increase in the security levels, apps like this no more work! However, OneClickRoot is more than just an app.

      They do offer rooting services over the Internet and the experts who work on the rooting process are quite experienced too. Although, it’s not a free service like the App, but why take the risk of device getting bricked when you can just spend some bucks and get the job done?

  5. I also read your review about Kingroot. I’m still not sure how would you call it as an alternative to it, this is a complete support system which helps people to solve technical issues with their devices to be solved.

    On the other hand, Kingroot is just an app which can root your device within a click. Which doesn’t seem to be working on my OnePlus 6T. I tried it multiple times, but it has been there only to fail me.

    I then contacted OneClickRoot, paid for their support and got my 6T rooted. I also read your guide on rooting OnePlus Devices it seemed easy, but had these professionals to save time!

    Thanks a lot for an unbiased review and helping me find this! Kudos!

    • Jessica,

      They do have an app just like Kingroot. The reason why Kingroot and even the OneClickRoot app has failed is because of the increase in security in the Android operating system. With the rise in security, one-click roots apps like Kingroot, Kingoroot, Framaroot, and even OneClickRoot don’t work.

      But when it comes to OneClickRoot, they have a complete support system like setup, where you can connect with the rooting expert on a PC remote connection and follow the instructions and get your device rooted without worrying about “Bricking” it.

      The service surely isn’t an alternative to Kingroot or any one-click root app. But, the app is surely one!

  6. Have recently used them, their free tools actually suck. They don’t work. I guess it’s because of Android OS security for new versions of the OS. Their software isn’t good, but their paid support is really excellent. Not only do they help you root your device, but be there any rooting or nodding related issue, you can contact, pay them and they’ll help you solve it over a remote session! They really are experts!


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