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Kingroot Review: Is it Safe to Root using it?

Kingroot is one of the working one-click rooting solutions available in the market. Using this tool, one can root their device just with some clicks and won’t have to go through the entire rooting process. It’s completely free, unlike OneClickRoot.

Rooting is basically a technique to attain special or privileged control over the device that you have rooted. This control is also referred to as the rooted access or access to all those spheres of your operating system which we normally cannot achieve. Interesting right? Read more about what is android rooting?

People often confuse jailbreaking of IOS with Rooting but these two are different. While both are forms of a privilege escalation, Running your Android device with root privileges would give you root level privileges but Jailbreaking an iPhone involves modifying and patching the Kernel. The latter would typically offer more access to files and even processes and the OS should there be a way to interact with the Kernel on the iPhone.

What is Kingroot?

What is Kingroot?

KingRoot is a source to achieve the root access on your device. It is an easy-to-use source which is available as an application on your Android or even your desktop/PC. It makes the process of rooting simple and convenient. It gets as convenient as just clicking on a single button and your device will be rooted in seconds.

The traditional Android rooting process involves unlocking the bootloader of the device, flashing a custom recovery such as TWRP recovery and then flashing the root script from the recovery mode. All this could take more than 30 minutes and if not performed correctly, there’s a chance that one might brick their device.

The company aims at letting everyone have access to the underlying program technology behind your operating system. Android is an operating system which has helped phones become smartphones and KingRoot Android helps you make your device faster and more powerful or pure as they like to call it.

It usually works well with all devices. The functioning is somewhat similar to that of towel root but unlike towel root, KingRoot can also root Android Lollipop, Nougat, Oreo and Pie. Due to its high functionality and easy to use techniques it has generally been reviewed an average rating in the range of 3.8 – 4.2 on 5 at various reliable review sites.

Download Kingroot

Since you’re here after searching for Kingroot, we understand that you’re looking forward to downloading the tool. You might have searched and found that Google is trying to block the website when you open it from the Chrome browser. But don’t worry, we’ll help you find a few reliable sources from where you can download it.

How to Install Kingroot on Android?

Google isn’t stopping at removing the app from the Play store, but it has also blocked the website on their Chrome browser. But it doesn’t stop there, even if you’re able to get the APK from some other source, Google won’t allow you to install it on your Android device, but don’t worry, just follow the steps below and you’ll be able to install the app on your device.

  1. Disable Google Play Protect
  2. First, make sure that your phone is allowed to install applications from a third party or unknown source. In order to do this, go to Settings and head into Security. Once there, select the option which states ‘Install from Unknown Sources.’ Next, an advisory message will pop up. Tap on Ok and you’re all set.
  3. Due to the algorithms in Kingroot, some antivirus applications might consider it malware. Therefore, if you are using any antivirus application on your Device, you might want to switch it off for the duration of the installation. Also, note that it is important that you download it from known sources only. You can use any of the links given above for the same purposes.
  4. Now, navigate to the location of the .apk file using a file explorer and simply tap on it.
  5. You’ll get a prompt asking you whether you would like to install the application or not. Simply continue and let Android install the application for you.
  6. You’ll have the option of launching KingRoot once the installation procedure is complete.
  7. Once you’ve installed it, Enable Google Play Protect again.

Are KingRoot or KingoRoot both the same?

Another app with a very similar name that is Kingoroot is also available. Understanding the facts for KingRoot vs Kingoroot, it seems that the KingRoot App is developed by ‘King Studio.’ On the other hand, ‘FingerPower Technologies’ are the developers of Kingoroot App. So, don’t be confused, both are different apps.

We know less about either of these companies but they hold some other useful apps too. Both apps have different interfaces in terms of the options available on the screen. There are more functions on Kingoroot while KingRoot simply manages the root function. Thus, making KingRoot more reliable and efficient in its functionality.

Is KingRoot safe to be used?

The issue arises when we search for KingRoot on the web as many sites refer to KingRoot as malware but after deep research and many online reviews I have come to the conclusion that KingRoot is not malware but is referred to as one because it is a product which makes modifications to your OS’s files directly.

Such a product can easily be flagged as malware, even when it is not as viruses and other malware generally carry similar signatures. An alarming concern is sharing information like IMEI number of your device, which raises several questions. But, let me inform you, they’ve mentioned it on their site that all information and data is encrypted.

Thus, the information regarding your device’s IMEI gets encrypted and is shared strictly while calculating the success rate of KingRoot’s rooting strategies and further planning for the future.

Sometimes rooting is much more dangerous and can cause your device to get bricked, and to avoid the same we should get rid of the junk and cache files as soon as rooted access is obtained.  But yes, we should also note that rooting in itself is a very delicate process and if not carried out properly then it can lead to various effects on your device.

Kingroot for PC

KingRoot PC is a simple way to root your Android device using your personal computer. You can just connect your device to your PC using a USB cable and get started.

Since not all devices are supported thus your PC might not be able to identify certain devices. You can consider checking the list of devices which are supported by Kingroot before you actually begin with the rooting process. It should also be noted that KingRoot PC is stronger than its Android version.

How to root using KingRoot PC

  1. Download Kingroot for PC
  2. Check whether your device can be rooted by Kingroot by visiting their list of supported devices. KingRoot will automatically check whether your device is supported or not. However, if you don’t want to waste time downloading and installing the application, you may visit the list itself.
  3. Install KingRoot for PC following the instructions on the screen. Make sure to disable your antivirus while you install it.
  4. Launch KingRoot PC after installation process gets over.
  5. Connect your device to your PC and wait for your PC to recognise your Android Device.
  6. if your device is supported, the application will tell you the Root status of the device. Simply click on ‘Start to Root’ to begin the process.
  7. The application will let you know once the device has been rooted.

And that’s it. In a few seconds, your device will be rooted and you will get maximum access over your device all thanks to KingRoot PC.

KingRoot for Android

One of the reasons why Kingroot is popular over the other one-click root methods and the traditional rooting method is their app. The app allows people who don’t have a computer system or a PC to root their devices. Although, it doesn’t support all the devices in the market, but a majority of ones are supported.

The Kingroot Android app used to be available on the Google Play Store previously. However, it was removed from it recently and that’s why one has to download it from their official website or from a few other trustable sources.

How to Root using Kingroot for Android?

  1. Check whether the device you want to root is supported or not from their list of supported devices.
  2. Download KingRoot Application from the sources mentioned above or your own source. Install it using the instructions given above.
  3. Run the App, Click on the Top Left-Hand Menu (Three horizontal lines) and you’ll be shown the root status.
  4. Tap on start root to begin the process. Your device will be rooted after the process ends as the app will notify you of the same. Enjoy your new privileges.

And that’s it. You will get maximum access over your device all thanks to KingRoot Android. Even though it’s a simple process, still a step by step guide is provided for the users. The easy step by step guide also eases the overall process.

As we read the steps it becomes easy to analyze the fact that simpler the steps of rooting, the easier it is to perform. As highlighted before if rooting is not done correctly it can permanently damage your device thus, using this app simplifies the process and thus evades us farther away from the risks and vulnerabilities associated with the process of rooting.

It also gives us the benefits as mentioned previously in the article. As the aim of the tool suggests it is there to help us maximize the use that was behind the development of the Android OS and thus give its user maximum satisfaction and control over the software of the device they are using.

Are there any alternatives to Kingroot?

Kingroot isn’t the only app allows you to root your device in a single click, there are a lot of other apps which allow you to achieve it. We’ve made a detailed post in which we share the best alternatives to kingroot. In case you’re not interested in going to a different post, we’ll list a few alternatives here:

Final Verdict

I conclude on the note that KingRoot is one of the safest ways to root your device. Rooting will, in turn, help you use your device to its optimum functionality and since rooting is a complicated and delicate process thus KingRoot is one of the best tools for rooting.

It might not seem to be safe at first glance but its usage and working are reliable. The only issue is the language as it uses Chinese symbols and language over English thereby complicating the process at times. Though it is fast and reliable in performing its core function of rooting and making your device more powerful than ever. It truly unleashes the power and access to the operating system making it easier for you to control and manage your device right from its chore.

KingRoot provides us with good standby time on standard devices thereby helping us to use our devices for a long period of time. It also helps in clearing the RAM thereby taking of excess load from the device and playing a catalyst in increasing the functional speed of the device for the user. KingRoot PC is even more effective as here the app is stored in your PC and not the device.

KingRoot sounds like a one-shot storehouse for all rooting needs with very less to worry about. This whole process of rooting instils a very warm feeling of ownership towards the device apart from the practical aspect of rooting.  This is because when we garner full control over a product an emotional value of attachment is added to it thereby the value of the device becomes much more than its actual value in money.

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  1. Be warned, kingroot and kingoroot are both made by companies of china, and your devices IMEI plus other data is sent to a Chinese server. Be careful!


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