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How to Install TWRP Recovery on Google Pixel Devices

Google Pixel is the smartphone series which is made by Google. Prior to Pixel, there were Nexus devices. The hardware was built by other manufacturers but the software support came straight from Google. With Pixel series, Google wants to bring in its own hardware and software together. The Pixel devices come with stock Android and provide great performance, but it still lacks few customization features which can only be availed by having access to the root.

Once you root the pixel device, you get the master access to the phone and can customize it in various ways. You can remove system-wide ads, Bloatware apps, Full Titanium backup, can remove system apps and can also install custom kernels. For rooting your Pixel phone, you need to install TWRP recovery and that’s why we have created this easy guide to help you install TWRP recovery on Pixel devices.

How to Install TWRP recovery on Google Pixel Devices?

There are many custom recoveries available in the market, but TWRP is known as the best custom recovery for Android phones. It is popular because of the ultimate recovery experience it provides to the people. So Before starting the process of installing TWRP, you need to check few things.

  • Ensure to unlock the bootloader of your pixel device. Without an unlocked bootloader, you won’t be able to install TWRP Recovery.
  • Keep your pixel device to charge up to 50% as if shuts down during the process you may end up bricking the device.
  • There are chances that this process will wipe up all the data on your phone so it is highly suggested that you take backup of your entire data.
  • Go to Settings > About Phone > Build Number & Tap 7 times on Build Number to gain Developer options.
  • You must enable USB debugging. Go to Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging & tap to enable it. You will need Developer access for this, so if you’ve not tapped on Build Number for 7 times, then please make sure you do it.
  • USB Cable (preferably original), PC with Internet Connection & your Pixel Device.

Installing ADB & Fastboot Drivers on your PC

There are various ways to install ADB & Fastboot drivers on your PC. The source file can be easily found on the Internet & can be downloaded. The simplest one is 15 Seconds ADB Installer. Created by XDA member Snoop5, this is the fastest & simplest way to install ADB & Fastboot.

  • Click here to download 15 seconds ADB Installer (Windows only).
  • Once downloaded, Install the setup.
  • Once the installation is complete, open the file and you will be greeted by a Blue Background command prompt. You just need to Type Y to agree to all prompts.
  • The best part about this installer is that it also downloads USB drivers which are needed to connect your Pixel device to PC.

Installing TWRP on your Pixel Device

Once you are done with the installation of ADB & Fastboot drivers, you just need to download TWRP on your PC. Follow these steps to install TWRP Recovery on your Pixel Device.

  • Download TWRP Recovery File for your Pixel device on your PC from the official site, It should be an IMG file. Once downloaded, rename it to twrp.img
  • Now, head to the folder where this file is downloaded. Now, you need to open the command prompt/ For doing so, press Shift + Right-click on any empty space in that folder & select the option, ‘Open Command Windows Here’.
  • Now, you need to connect your Pixel device to PC via USB Cable. Once connected, type the below command in the command prompt.
    adb devices
  • If the device appears in the command prompt, it means that the device has been detected by ADB and you can continue with the below steps.
  • Now type,
    adb reboot bootloader

    in command prompt & it will boot your Pixel device in the bootloader mode.

  • Now, type the below command in command prompt and press Enter
    fastboot flash recovery twrp.img

    The recovery flashing process will begin and once it is completed, you can type the below command to boot your device into recovery mode.

    fastboot reboot recovery
  • Alternatively, if you don’t want to boot into recovery mode after flashing or if the device requires you to use the hard press the keys to boot into recovery, then you can reboot the device normally by typing the below command in command prompt.
    fastboot reboot

You have now successfully installed TWRP recovery on your Pixel device & you are good to go for Rooting. This guide is a universal guide for all Google Pixel devices. We’ll keep adding up device-specific guides in the future to make it even more easy for the people.

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