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Hello Lineage OS, Bye CyanogenMod!

Cyanogen Inc. recently announced about shutting down all Cyanogen services. CyanogenMod is one among the services which the company will be shutting down. People who are aware that Cyanogen OS and CyanogenMod are different were stuck with a doubt, ‘Will the CyanogenMod also shut down?’. The blog post on the CyanogenMod Blog confirmed the shutdown of CyanogenMod too!

In the blog post on the CyanogenMod Blog also gave us a hint about Lineage OS. Some developers from CyanogenMod team are going to work on Lineage Android (Lineage OS). The blog post on the CyanogenMod brought some happiness because it will be the same developers doing the work.

Why not Continue to work under CyanogenMod?

People trust CyanogenMod, They love CyanogenMod then why not continue under the same name? One primary reason why it won’t be CyanogenMod is because of the name “Cyanogen” being included in the name. Although, CyanogenMod has been a great community, people doing business hate Cyanogen Inc. for their bad decisions.

A lot of people aren’t aware that Cyanogen OS and CyanogenMod are both different products via Cyanogen Inc. So the people in the developer community think that it would again be confusing to people. (Source)

Why would Lineage OS be a better version of CyanogenMod? 

No one can deny the fact that CyanogenMod has been one of the best ROMs, Although, at times the unofficial builds and new builds would have had bugs in them, but the developer community has always been supportive and provided releases which are bug-free.

Since Lineage OS has been built by the same developers who’ve built the CyanogenMod. The developers are having a huge experience and as they aren’t backed by a company like Cyanogen Inc. which has been making bad business decisions. The best of them would be seen!

List of Devices Supported by Lineage OS

Since Lineage OS is the continuation of CyanogenMod, Here is the list of devices which will be getting the support from Lineage OS. You can see the list of devices getting LineageOS.

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