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Best Kernels for OnePlus 3T

Android is based on Linux kernel which is completely open source. This means that you can take the source code, customize it and create a new Android compatible kernel for your Android device. OnePlus 3T has some really great kernels which are worth featuring. You can install these kernels and have better battery life etc. You can also choose to overclock or underclock your CPU and each of these kernels have some custom features as well. Let us take a look at some of the best kernels present for OnePlus 3T.

5 Best OnePlus 3T Kernels

In this guide, we won’t be explaining you the steps to install these kernels on your phone, we are just giving you an introduction to the kernels which are the best to go for, if you are planning to go for a custom kernel on your OnePlus 3T. There are multiple reasons why they’ve made it to the list and since we’ve tested these kernels manually on our unit, we think they are the best.

1. FrancoKernel

If you are into Android modding or flashing custom ROMs, I am sure you might have heard a lot about Franco Kernel. Franco Kernel is known for the simplicity and efficiency that it provides. As per Franco, the developer of the kernel, this has the potential to provide amazing battery life on the OnePlus 3T. You can download and flash this kernel on your device running Oxygen OS as it doesn’t support any of the Custom ROMs for OnePlus 3T. The kernel lets you customize stuff related to display adjustments, sound control, vibration control. Android Pay also works flawlessly on this kernel but keep in mind that you will have to install Magisk Root Manager in order to hide your root.

2. ElementalX Kernel

ElementalX is the kernel which puts the customization in your hands. You can choose to install this kernel on OxygenOS or a LineageOS based ROM. The kernel is installed using AROMA installer which will allow you to choose the kernel options while installing it in TWRP. You can also download the EX Kernel Manager app from Play Store to customize the kernel options after installing. You can choose GPU speeds, CPU maximum, and minimum frequency and basically everything related to the kernel. I personally use this kernel on my OnePlus 3T and can say it is one of the best kernels out there.

3. blu_spark Kernel

The blu_spark kernel is developed by eng.stk who also brought Dash Charging to custom kernels for OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T. The blu_spark kernel brings the ability to overclock the processor to a higher frequency and you can also choose to down clock in order to save battery. It is fully compatible with Kernel Auditor which you can download and install from Play Store and then you will be able to tweak settings for this kernel.

4. Boeffla-Kernel (OxygenOS / LineageOS)

There are two versions of Boeffla Kernel available. One for Oxygen OS and the other for Lineage OS based devices. If you are using a custom ROM like Resurrection Remix or even pure Lineage OS, you can install the Lineage OS version for full compatibility. Boeffla Kernel can be used with Boeffla-Config app that can easily provide plethora of options to you and you can change settings for your kernel and tweak it as per your needs.

5. Radioactive Kernel

Radioactive Kernel for OnePlus 3T brings features like USB fast charging on custom ROMs, Sweep2Sleep, Flar2 sound control and more display related features like being able to set colors, saturation etc. Not only that but you can choose from different I/O schedulers in order to get better battery life. The kernel has taken a lot of features from other kernels like Franco, ElementalX, Boeffla etc.

These were some of the best kernels that are available right now for the OnePlus 3T. Many of these kernels do not work on Custom ROMs but there are kernels like ElementalX, Boeffla that have two versions, one for OxygenOS which comes as stock in OnePlus devices and second for LineageOS based devices.

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