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Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S9 was launched in February 2018. It has since then been a favourite among all Samsung enthusiasts. Samsung devices come with Samsung’s own user interface called as Samsung Experience. The device came with the Android 8.0 Oreo OS pre-installed. While the hardware on the device is top-notch, there are many people who don’t prefer the Samsung Experience UX and Samsung apps. If you are one among them then this guide of ours helps you find the Best custom ROMs available for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus.

Best Custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 Custom ROMs
Top Samsung Galaxy S9 Custom ROMs

Thankfully Android is an open source project which allows users to customise their device using a custom ROM. Although, installing a custom ROM might not be a simple task as it requires you to flash a custom recovery such as TWRP recovery on your device and flashing using the recovery. So, for the time being, let’s begin with the list.

This guide of ours would help you find the Best ROM for your device, but it doesn’t include the steps to flash. You can comment below with the ROM you’re interested in and we’ll be up with the guide on priority basis.



Lineage OS is the most commonly used custom ROM and most of us who have rooted their device and have installed custom ROM’s previously must have come across Lineage OS.

Lineage is basically a version of Android 8.1 which is an after version of the Stock Rom Android 8. It is designed to enhance the performance of your device and also its reliability is more over our stock ROM.

It does come with a lot of features which helps users to customise their device according to their needs which might not be there is the stock Android ROM. It’s also lighter than the Samsung Experience UX and that surely does improve the performance of the device in terms of speed.

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AOSP extended ROM

AOSP ROM for Galaxy S9
AOSP ROM for Galaxy S9

AOSP or Android open source project is a way to help us or provide guidance to us in the development of the Android mobile platform. It also has a mix of many great aspects of various other ROMs.

Its various features include customization of status bar and lock screen apart from various others.  This is one of the most stable ROM’s which can be used as a daily driver.


Resurrection Remix OS

Resurrection Remix for Galaxy S9
Resurrection Remix for Galaxy S9

Mostly known as RR this custom ROM claims that it has the best custom features beautifully packed in one OS. It makes the best and the newest features of your device work flawlessly. It has an amazingly special combination of stability, power and customization which brings new features directly to our device. The optimisation in this ROM is generally done on the source code level thus, maintaining the OS on a battery friendly level.

CrDroid OS

This is a fairly new custom ROM is comparison to the others being mentioned in this list. But, it is a perfect mix of the top ROMs available which is the reason behind this app being a part of this list.

This ROM has been built right from scratch on the same lines of AOSP and Lineage OS and a few customisations have been added to it and yet the overall experience is of pure android.

Pixel Experience ROM

Love the Google pixel theme but own the Samsung S9 then Customise your ROM to the Pixel Experience ROM and enjoy the same theme as google pixel on your S9 along with the various other features offered by this ROM.

The only drawback being that as we load this ROM apart from the Samsung camera and device maintenance all other apps are lost which though can be loaded back from AROMA Installer.

Project Treble

Android P Project Treble
Android P Project Treble

Project treble is a google baby basically made to enhance the ROM’s of every android device and also to make sure that every new update is enjoyed by all android users irrespective of the device as long as the device does support Android OS.

This ROM will basically make your stock ROM and OS free from any execution from the seller’s end. Thus, easing the job of updating the OS of your device. It is compulsory for all devices with an OS Android 8.0 or above to have Project treble installed on their device.

LightROM or Base Modified ROM

The LightROM basically introduces a few modifications to the already existent Stock ROM. This ROM is deodxed and Zip aligned.

It is a common belief that Deodexed ROMs are usually slow but as such only the first Boot in these ROMs is slower than odexed versions after which the speed is almost the same for both the versions. ZipAligned ROMs are those in which all the uncompressed data starts with a Specified alignment. This customised ROM adds the latest Android Security patch level launched in March 2018 to your device.


Apart from these basic custom ROMs we are all also waiting for the launch of MIUI 9 which is actually the latest version of the ROM under XIAOMI company. But, is also installed as a custom ROM in many devices. Its features like theme support and customisation of status bar are preferred by many.

Now all you need is to choose the ROM whose features have impressed you the most and install it. But, to install any of these or any other custom ROM always remember the first step will be to install a custom recovery such as TWRP Recovery which will assist you further in modifying your stock ROM to the custom ROM of your choice. You can check our guide to install TWRP recovery on any Samsung Galaxy Devicethe steps are same for the Samsung Galaxy S9, you just have to find the correct recovery and follow the steps from our guide.

TWRP Recovery has already been released for Samsung S9 by a recognised XDA developer which was done after Samsung had released the kernel sources officially for the same device. It is impossible to install any Custom ROM without a custom recovery as the OEM inhibits the install of non-official software via Stock Recovery.

Benefits of Installing Custom ROM

Lastly let us know just a few benefits of installing a custom ROM which will compel you to give this installation at least a try once in your life. These benefits are:

  • Custom ROM’s help us remove bloatware from our device thus, enhancing its performance.
  • It helps in improving the battery life of our device and manages the battery better than the stock ROM provided to us.
  • You get to control your device and hence you can modify anything under the sun present in your device.

The knowledge and the experience of using a custom ROM in itself is worth trying. Lastly just a word of caution only customise your ROM from a reliable source to prevent any damage to your device and Samsung S9 is any how an expensive device. So go through all the details of the source being used and follow all the steps correctly and recheck the same before you give your final nod.

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