About Us

At Android Tutorials How we cover all type of tutorials related to the Android operating system. Currently, we focus towards covering guides related to Unlocking the Bootloader, Flashing a custom recovery, rooting an Android device, Detailed guides and reviews about different software.

Why did we start?

There are a lot of websites which writes rooting, unlocking and other guides related to Android. So, why did we start one? The answer is a single word: “QUALITY.” While there are 1000s of websites related to Android tutorials, but a majority of them don’t have quality information published. That’s the major reason for us starting this website.

How did it start?

The site was started in 2016 as a side project by Subham Bapna and is now a full-time project which has more than a 50,000 readers visiting it every month. It is said that he was searching for rooting his device and he found a tutorial which had the wrong steps and that led to him bricking the device. The guide he followed was showed up at the top on the Google search too and was visited by a lot of people (Who might have bricked their devices.) Such sites don’t even test a tutorial before publishing is the reason why he started this website.

Our Goal

The only goal of this website is to provide good quality tutorials, software reviews, and guides related to Android. We just want to keep doing what we currently do, but on a BIG scale. If you’re an Android ninja and have an idea about how the OS works, please consider writing for us.